Think global - eat local!

How local ordering platforms can help hospitality businesses serve their local customers collaboratively and cost-efficiently.

The richest source of customers for hospitality businesses is right on their doorstep. With energy prices soaring and staffing still being one of the biggest challenges, serving customers locally and in cost-effective ways is key. TableSnappr enables bars and restaurants to team up and increase their local business together. Let us show you how. 



The pandemic has driven many hospitality businesses to offer their menus on their own website for click & collect or on one of the big delivery platforms. While these platforms may generate additional business, they are working to high margins, which is particularly painful when customers live just around the corner. What they do well, however, is that they cater to the ever increasing desire for choice by presenting customers with a variety of restaurants to choose from. 

A recent survey revealed that 62% of consumers would rather order directly from a restaurant than through a third-party site such as Just Eat or Deliveroo. And the main reason is reassuring – 51% would do so to support the business directly, rather than give a percentage away in already difficult times. 

 So how can hospitality businesses be part of the choice but avoid paying ridiculous commissions?

TableSnappr has just the right tech to solve this dilemma: Our local ordering platforms are proprietary digital marketplaces that feature a select set of local restaurants. Residents and visitors can access the platform to order food and drinks and get their order delivered (e.g. to tables in community spaces) or be notified when their order is ready for pickup. The ordering process is seamless with a single checkout even when ordering from several vendors at once. A local and sustainable approach helping bars and restaurants grow their local off-premises business at a fraction of the commissions of the big ordering platforms!



TableSnappr teams up with property developers, landlords, community institutions or a group of local restaurants to create and define the scope of their local ordering platform. The most important questions to answer are:

  1. Which bars, restaurants and other local businesses should be included on the platform?
  2. Where and how can customers access the platform?
  3. How do customers  get their orders?

TableSnappr offers a variety of operating modes and will support platform operators to define the one that best suits their setting. For example, in mixed use developments customers could order from their office, tables in a green zone, the local art studio or from home. A café in an office building may decide to deliver their snacks to the offices, while the Thai restaurant next door could request customers to come and pick up their order. The TableSnappr tech will allow them to all trade on the same local ordering platform albeit maintaining their independent processes.



  • Customers are given an easy to use order & pay experience and the choice they are used to - all whilst ordering from local restaurants in the area. 
  • Restaurants and bars will use a highly efficient system that is tailored to generate more income than traditional click & collect services and will keep the margin where it belongs - with them. 
  • Landlords can help their tenants maintain a healthy business and cultivate the community spirit.

And last but not least, TableSnappr’s local ordering platforms are a sustainable and environmentally friendly  solution - allowing hospitality venues to serve customers off-premises whilst reducing unnecessarily long delivery rides across town.

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